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The work of The Salvation Army in Gainsborough commenced on November 28, 1886, when Elijah Cadman and a band of army lasses marched through its streets, proclaiming in 'Army style' the old,old story of the cross.

The Albert Hall, perhaps better know as the Kings Theatre, was for a few months the Corps' (Church) first Hall; then the Spring Gardens Chapel, much loved and often spoken of, become the home of Salvationists. It should however be mentioned that the army's 'home' in Gainsborough was locted in Hickman Street before moving to the Old Grand Cinema and moved back to Hickman Street before going on to the Church Street premises. In 1972 the move was made to the present site in Beaumont Street which was opened on Saturday 7th October by Commissioner Sture Larsson. In 2010 the hall was modernised adding a community room etc this was opened on March 20th by Lt Colonel Ian Barr.

The Gainsborough Corps (Church) continues to uphold the sound Salvationist standards set by the pioneers of over 130 years ago and those loyal comrades who kept alive the flame of Salvationism down through the years.

The Salavtion Army is noted for its music and the use of that medium in worship, but the Gainsborough Corps (Church) is grounded on sound christian experience, and on the belief that only through the personal acceptance of the in-dewelling of the Holy Spirt can we,as an evangleistic organisation be an influence on the life and work of the town.

However, the Corps (Church) does not exist solely for a group of uniformed salvationists, but extends a welcome to all to share in Sunday worship and christian fellowship. It is also a centre of social activity including a ladies meeting, keep-fit, Chat & Craft group as well as other activitives. A Foodbank is also in operation 3 times a week.

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